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Conference Venue:The Communication Innovation Center Building (CIC CMU)

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The CIC CMU builing is part of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Chiang Mai University (search: CIC CMU on Google Maps)

The faculty is located between Ang Tat Chomphu Reservoir and Fai Hin market. It is easy to get to by Grab, Songtaew (Red van taxis), and of course taxi. It is also located within walking distance to Ang Keaw Reservoir.

The address is:
239 Huay Keaw Road.,

Suthep, Muang Chiang Mai,
Chiang Mai, 50200

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The faculty of Mass Communication at Chiang Mai University is  delighted to open our new building  to attendees from around the world. The Communication and Innovation Center building is an  audio and visual production lab and a skills development center for students. 

The Communication and Innovation Center building has sound studios, sound editing rooms, photography and videography studios, learning spaces, offices, and an auditorium. The sound studio with Dolby Surround 7.1 equipment is designed for film and TV production as well as podcast and audio content production. The office will house the Communication and

Innovation Center employees who act as a media agency of Chiang Mai university and support and develop student skills to build a startup.


We are proud that our building will be the site for the 2023 CIRC conference and look forward to welcome all attendees in July!

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